How to style your blazers.

How to style your blazers.

Blazers are the most versatile piece of clothing ever! Styling your blazer can be made simple and easy. There are hundreds of ways to style your blazers. Here’s a few ideas you can use when styling a blazer:


  • When styling a multicolored blazer or blazer with detailed patterns keep your fit solid. You don’t want to appear as if you’re doing to much. Also, you want the blazer to be the shining light of your look so bold blazer plain & simple fit.


  • It’s laundry day, so you want to dress down but look presentable. A pair of denim shorts, with an slightly oversized white tee, & blazer with matching Fedora will do the trick. You can give the simplest pieces a unforgettable style.


  • Let’s talk color blocking. There’s some bold colors you can put together and make your simple blazer look and feel like luxury. Try these:
  1. Magenta Fit + Green Blazer
  2. Mint Blazer + Ivory Fit
  3. Orange Blazer + Yellow Fit
  4. Yellow Blazer + Royal Fit
  5. Orange Blazer + Magenta Fit
  6. Green Blazer + Orange Fit
  7. Teal Blazer + Gold Fit
  8. Red Blazer + Blue Fit
  9. Navy Blue Blazer + Red Fit
  10. Brown Blazer + Orange Fit


Have fun styling your blazer, be fun, be bold, & be you. Don’t be afraid to get out of your confront zone when trying new colors and styles. You are now ready to boss up your style. 💗


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